Milk & Honey Media is Waikato based in Hamilton
with clients across New Zealand and beyond.

Jonathan Nickerson, the Managing & Creative Director, is originally from Dallas, Texas.
He was raised to be a gentleman and his "southern hospitality" is warm and inviting,
providing a wonderful experience for the client.


Jonathan's background in Finance and International Business provides a strong foundation
for understanding the client's objective to see a return on their investment.
His experience in advertising & video connect that understanding with the application of media.

Think of video as a house. It can be designed a million different ways. 

Now imagine Milk & Honey Media as the architect creating your dream house.

If you already have the concept...perfect. We'll create exactly what you want.

If you aren't sure where to begin, no problem. In fact, that's exactly where we shine.

We'll put ourselves in your shoes, understand exactly what you want & need, 
and then develop ideas for you to choose from.

Once we nail down the concept, you can sit back & relax while we do what we do best!